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Blogs & Social Media Forum - Opening Session

May 17, 2006

When you get switched on people running conferences about this new space we've carved out for ourselves, you end up with a useful conference. Euan Semple has kicked off the forum today with the reasons why we're here and how to get the most out of social media. The thing is - we're not sitting here and being told stuff we may already know - we're pushing through panels, breakouts and table discussions: learn by the experience of your peers.

An interesting comment from Raymond Jordan - VP Comms. Johnson & Johnson in this brief as to why he's here (paraphrased):

"It's easier for us to quantify our social media output: we have zero active internal blogs. We have zero active external blogs, and two wikis. Maybe."

Going to be keeping an eye on Jordan - I think he'll have some interesting tips as to why traditional enterprise is slow and hard to pick this up...

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