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Getting the Chills - Haunting Music?

January 27, 2003

Can anyone recommend some good choral classical type music? I am looking for the type of music that could be classed as haunting. Imagine the kind of music that makes you close your eyes -- that involves you...
The kind of music I am after might fit into a movie. Think about the soundtrack to Hannibal -- or a war film, when the sound cuts and all you see is people dying, as a haunting overture plays.
I am listening to the beginning of Little Susie, by Michael Jackson right now -- that's the kind of music I am after... any ideas appreciated -- drop me a comment!

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Try "Song of the Siren"(Sometimes called "Song to the Siren) by This mortal Coil, I think you'll like.

May It Be by Enya

"Danse Macabre" by Saint-Saens
"Kyoko's House: Stage Blood is Not Enough" by Philip Glass

Katie Meluah

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