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Getting Permission

March 06, 2006

I just spent an hour catching up with Hugh over skype. First of all - skype makes distributed working a reality. It really has crossed a void -- and more and more every day I find I rely on skype - wow. It doesn't take long for a service to become a part of life. We spent lots of time reviewing what the market is like - and about why traditional marketeers are falling down on providing their customers a service, by just not being innovative but about extending the conversation.

We were talking about Scoble and the rough time he is having being the face of Microsoft, and being the fall guy for all those users. Fun, brave, crazy etc.

Anyhow, Scoble links to Rick's post talking about his experiences wearing Microsoft gear, and his experience of users who jump into support questions. Rick was kind enough to take their details and get someone to contact them. It's a stark difference to Seth Godin's experience which he shares with Google staff. Required watching for people who want to get it.

The experience is really important: when you are at a concert - the best experience is when you break through to the front and have a 'conversation' with the performer, be it touching them, singing with them or just getting close enough for them to smile at you. You share an experience, and you give the performer permission to have a conversation right away. It's true for engineering and computing. Like me I am sure you use Google daily. So whenever you come upon a googler, you want to start a conversations about the products you love to use - and those you don't - but wish were better.

People make attachments to you. If you are a producer - then expect this, listen and embrace. Keep the interaction going. Innovate, expand and build. Your customers will market for you. :)

ps: credits to Brad Fitzpatrick who made the illustration - fantastic work!

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