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Real Player Can Kiss My Ass

January 29, 2003

I haven't written anything yet today, so I figured I had better, or feel the wrath of not blogging.
Today's rant is about Real player. Real actually have a very good piece of software. Their player is not bad, and overall, it's very enjoyable to use. However, Real networks seem to be begging you to hate them.

  1. They marginalize their free player on their site. By marginalize, I mean that you really need to poke around before you can find it, and even on the page where it is listed, it still tries to force you to buy the player. I wonder how many people have bought it in sheer frustration.
  2. Buying the player isn't enough. They want you to subscribe too. So you have a player, but you need to pay extra to view stuff on it. (hmm, stealth taxes...).
  3. Setting up the player is pretty standard, however if you don't go with the custom version, then you will end up with a whole load of icons that you don't want or need.
  4. After install, you *still* get to tell them that you don't want to pay them money.
  5. message boxes pop up when you don't want them too. (it's somewhat annoying)
  6. ad nauseum, ad nauseum.

REAL! why must you make life so difficult?

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That is so true!

I don't install it anymore... There's too much craps with this player(popup, pub, cd burning, audio library, etc...).

I have many .rm files and I cannot see them. That's bad but unless they change there mind on what is "Video Player", I will keep my winamp et windowMediaPlayer...

I fucking hate that program! I hate the ads, the popup messages you can't turn off, the grotesque over-stimulating layout, the automatic updating features, the fact that by default it trys to associate itself with every file type you have, as if its the cure all solution to all computer media and to boot, it puts fucking Icons every where... when does the crap stop? Obviously real networks doesn't value simplicty and function, and they seem to be working hard to make people who don't know how to use their computers go mad with frustration, while they alienate others who don't want pure shit everywhere... Real Virus anyone?

Agreed. Real Player is so annoying. I never install it even though there's some video out there I'd like to have access to.

I thought i post a little follow up here, I still hate real player and i've found a program which lets you stream most .ram or .rm files without all the "Real Advertisement" it's a collection of Codecs and such bundled together as Real Alternative get it before their laywers do!