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Linked-In Spam

April 16, 2004

Linked in sent me some spam today -

From: [email protected]
Subject: Scott Bean, CEO of Mad Software is Linked-In
Date: 16 April 2004 02:12:43 BST


This is Scott Bean from Mad Software. A manager at Microsoft has recently invited
me to join LinkedIn and I have found it to be an extremely useful online business
tool giving me access to almost unlimited contacts in any industry.

LinkedIn lets you reach recommended employees, hiring managers and business
partners through referrals from people you already know and trust. You won't
receive spam or unwanted requests since people can only reach you if I decide to
forward a message to you because it looks like a good opportunity.

It would be great to have you in my professional network on LinkedIn. It's free to join
through the link below.

Scott Bean
Mad Software Inc.
President / 3D Software Engineer

www.ShaderWorks.com / www.Mad-FX.com


Scott invites you to join their invitation-only professional network on LinkedIn and offers to facilitate introductions to its over 35,400+ users for you. It is free to join and takes less than 60 seconds to sign up via the link below:


This is an exclusive invitation from Scott Bean to n n.

given that the address in question is not a public address with a real person behind it, this can only be seen as spam. are Linked In desperate for members?


post tools


Especially nice is the last sentence...
"This is an exclusive invitation from Scott Bean to n n.".

I've gotten LinkedIn-spam as well, several times actually.

Saying that someone I know is on LinkedIn and I should join... and it's supposed to be professional and "exclusive" ?

I have been getting LinkedIn spam for a couple of weeks now as well. It says that a friend of mine (who I haven't spoken to or seen in a few years and lives in Sweden) wants me to join.

I find this very strange. What is this all about?