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My Resumé

May 18, 2004

Someone mentioned i would be well advised to post my resumé online. Since I am all for the simplicity in posting content - via my weblog - choosing this outlet is my best bet. (Plus i haven't updated my blog in a while :)). So here it is. Please read more if you're interested in hiring a Super Star editor/web developer/creative type, and if you like it, then email me!



James Cox
23 Parliament Square, Hertford, Herts, SG14 1EX
Home: +44 (0)1992 410757
Mobile: +44 (0)7968 349990
Fax: +44 (0)1992 300939
Email: [email protected]


In my ideal job, be it on my own or in a team, I would like to:

• Work in a successful environment
• Be able to learn and do something new and challenging every day


• Enterprise MySQL – Lead author for this new up-and-coming book for Apress, based on the popular database server MySQL.
• Builder.com article - Avoid these common PHP gotchas –


• php.net - part of the team with responsibility for developing the site, and managing the servers. Key infrastructure member.
imajes.info - channelling thoughts into writing, and experimenting with css based design.
• politicalia - UK politics portal concept – fully developed PHP based portal.
• braughing sausage - ASP built e-commerce site, selling sausages.
• Hannah Morris - personal site developed for an artist to publicise her artwork.
• Wherewithal - I have contributed heavily to the code base of this search engine (mentioned below).
• Other work contributing to projects or offline (e.g., intranets).


12/2000 to 6/2003:
• Company: Wherewithal, Inc - San Francisco (tele-commuting)
• Position: Senior Support Engineer / Developer
• Reference: Steve Thomas, Chief Technical Officer & Chairman, [steve (at) wherewithal (dot) com]
• Currently involved as a creative consultant, advising on new ideas and development.

12/2000 to Present:
• Company: imajes IT Consultancy
• Position: Founder
• Reference: A number of clients can be made available for reference, from developmental clients to IT support services.

6/2003 to 3/2004:
• Company: Apress
• Position: Editor
• Reference: Dominic Shakeshaft, Editorial Director [dominic (at) apress (dot) com]
• I worked at Apress developing open source book ideas, significantly hiring the canonical python guide – Dive Into Python - earning plaudits in the community. I also spent time developing internal applications and supporting the IT infrastructure.


Technical: MySQL Core Certification
Academic: 1 AS English A Grade, 2 A Levels, 9 GCSEs
I am working to achieve more diverse and extensive certification.


LAMP technologies such as – Python, PHP, Apache, SQL (MySQL and Postgresql), ASP, CSS, HTML, XML, JavaScript, VB Script and emerging technologies such as XUL/XBL and SOAP/Web Services. I have experience in Z Shell, Bourne Shell, C, C#, and Visual Basic, as well as XML variants.

I have used tools and operating systems such as: Photoshop, illustrator, emacs, Zend Development Environment, Microsoft Visual Studio, Mac OS X, Windows (all versions), Linux (Debian, Redhat, others) BSD, BSDi, other Unix variants, Macromedia tools (flash, dreamweaver, freehand), Unix core tools such as find, grep, etc. I have an extensive experience with Microsoft Office tools and applications. If you can name it, i've probably used it.


I have many outside interests, from working within local government as a volunteer, attending a youth sub-committee of the town council, to being involved with the steering committee to organize the national youth council convention. I also regularly attend a local health club, and enjoy a good standing in my town.


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Nice to meet you the other night... Are you looking for work then? Me, too. Come visit my site and post (if you want!).