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Some links from my newsreader...

May 20, 2004

Ben demotes Kofi Annan with a bounty on his head. Ben, this is a world leader we're talking about! :)

BBC News writes about wi-fi on trains. Surveys showed that wifi on trains would actually increase the userbase of the long train services (people can get work done rather than having to 'just get there faster'.) I wonder how much it will cost - I don't think i'd want to pay £10 a day for an hour's worth of connection.

DavidW points out another faux-pas by dubya's 'family'. A directional gif is mislabeled - and makes that they don't know the difference between right and left. (I think that this is a minor issue of an image that was already going to be one side, and then left...). It raises an issue though, as web developers, can political hay be made out of these 'inconsistencies' ?

The US Political Wire writes about blogging causing trouble in Washington. It turns out that a staffer at one of the agencies there has essentially been supplementing her income by - get this - prostitution, extortion, and so forth, coupled with extensive writing about it. That's the major no-no.

0xDECAFBAD points out an amazon 'feature' that I also ran into before, and hated. It turns out that your username is not quite so unique as it might be...

boing boing reports on the news that Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code left out an even larger, more damming side of the story, asking if Jesus survived the crucifixion, and would have actual 'real' descendants today. (Yes, that would be quite scary!) [AKMA adds in his thoughts]

loadpod is a new service devoted to ripping cd libraries and saving them on their ipod, delivering it later. (for $1.50 a cd). Services for the busy people. (tm).

And that's it -- my feedreader (netnewswire) is complete!


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