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24 Season 5 - Thank God for Torrents!

January 17, 2006

jack bauer I have to publically admit it - the new season of 24 has really started with the bang I was after. No sooner then I blinked and a cast reshuffle was in place, the scene set for the fast-paced action that we're used to. It's a shame to see some of the plot directions that have taken place (being ever so careful not to let on what, exactly, for those who haven't seen it :)) but I understand why - it's important to keep everything fresh and instant, so letting some cast go and getting new faces makes sense.

It was particularly great to see Connie Britton in the cast this season - and it has to be said that she looks not a day over 24. I had to actually check her age, and I honestly think that the IMDB has it printed wrong. According to IMDB - Kim won't make an appearance this season, as she's credited from 2001-2004 only. Many of you will probably be grateful for the respite.

Jack has managed to settle into the first two episodes with a body count of 3 (although it's debate-able as to how many terrorists were in the vans), and a good 4 'take downs' of FBI, secret service and so on. Nothing like breaking the law in the first 15 minutes. Worth a mention - Chloe got a kill assist on the marksman - good for her - she doesn't seem so freaked out by death anymore.

President Logan is the kind of tool you never want to meet - I had hoped he would have been impeached and a real leader elected, but oh well - beggars can't be choosers!

Longer discourse and body counts here and here. The nut house piece is pretty good - but do be warned: these are spoilers.

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