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Audio editing on Intel Macs

June 16, 2006

Long time since an update - been hectic fun busy. Currently getting ready for railsday2006.

I needed to edit an audio track on my new Mac Intel and after trawling through Audacity, Amadeus and more - all of them are PPC only, slow to update and not great. Tried GarageBand which I love, but it's not great for zooming in and editing microsecond cues.

Step forward Sound Studio 3 from Freeverse - a fantastic editing app for just getting down and dirty with audio files, seperates left and right channels, and is great for podcast editing. The other really big attraction is the automator addins - if you need to pre/post-pend audio signon/signoff for podcasts or clean up a library of audio (eg, interviews) for example, then the monbots are for you - great icons too. :)

The price point is a bit high at $79.95, I think it has a $30-50 price point, but either way if you need a usable audio editing tool with a friendly interface then sound studio is for you....

disclaimer: I have not been paid to give this review - just software I've picked up.

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