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Scaling the web

April 22, 2006

The Safari team have been cooking up some pretty neat SVG support in WebKit - currently only really in practice with FireFox. Scalable Vector Graphics are theoretically the way forward for creating graphical elements which can scale and change dimension based on the size and requirement of the page. A good example of use are charts - financial, metrics, stats - you name it.

The current path to using SVG has not yet been defined - till today's posting by the ever impressive Dave Hyatt - who explores a new way to implement webpages suited for those of us lucky enough to have high definition screens. It is essential reading for all who are developing the kind of breed of web app that defines that quirky web2.0 buzzword.... get it here...

webkit high dpi svg

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Actually, Opera 9 has some pretty stellar support for SVG too, more advanced than Firefox's even (ie. animation is supported). It's only a matter of time that IE does this as well.

Opera 8 has had support for SVG-Tiny and Opera 9 (Beta released last week) boasts the most complete native implementation of SVG yet (dwarfing Firefox 1.5)

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