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March 22, 2006

Clearing my nnw tabs -- and linking here.

  • El Reg links to NZ MSFT Advert - great MS Office student ed. advert from New Zealand. The geek and the prom chick - how low will she go to get her essays done? Nothing like MSFT connecting with their target audience in an entertaining way. I think they should run this in every single student union across the globe- with a first 100 discount. Great way to legalize their software.
  • Biowar for dummies - via Dave (i think). It's simple to create mutant virii - all you need is a home chemistry kit.
  • Notes for blogging class - Scott Adams (Mr Dilbert) writes up a collection of notes about how blogs work, for the luddites who still haven't got it. (PS: why is he wearing a suit in his bio shot?? I'd have preferred something which was more comfortable..)
  • Friendster vs MySpace - danah can't stop producing fantastic essays. I'll print it out and read it over morning coffee.

    bonus link: Sleeping Giants - via Tim

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Thanks for the link.
I share the other guys name, but not his drawing skills.
Have a good one.
Scott A.

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