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Whiskey Kitten Camera Fund

March 10, 2006

WK - horse rider, friend, blogger and photographer had the unfortunate luck of getting her camera damaged. This was at the worst possible time - as she was getting her foot into the dressage photography biz. Please give her a hand by loaning her the money to get a replacement!

More from Steph's writeup.

UPDATE - we've far exceeded our goal of $250 - we got to $850!! We're going to get wk a new Nikon D50. Thanks everyone!

Current Donors

  • imajes
  • buridan
  • Frederic
  • bunnywabbit
  • Russell Gilman-Hunt
  • Tom Croucher
  • dda
  • Joi Ito
  • Chris Holland
  • anonymous generous donor #1
  • Kevin Marks
  • Jim McMurry
  • Dan Laurie
  • Adam Hill
please let me know of a link you'd like me to link to or if you'd rather be excluded from this list.

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You can change "russell gilman-hunt" to "rustifer" and link it to http://www.frenzieddaddy.com/ if you don't mind. :) Thanks (and of course feel free to delete this comment)

Would you mind keeping us updated on the purchase/shipping status?

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