Parking Enforcement

March 23, 2006

I was parked illegally a few days ago and got a ticket. Thing is, it was a jobs-worth ticket. Anyone with two cents of decency would know I was not taking the proverbial but instead simply parking near where I was working so I could access my gear.

Click on to read my groveling letter :)

Dear Sir or Madam,

I wish to ask for clemency for this ticket.

I was parked on a single yellow line in a residential Mews street. I was parked outside a house of whom I was visiting for the day.

The reason for my visit, as it has been on other days is that I am working on a startup company with the renter of the property. I had to bring computing equipment to the property, and was therefore unable to take public transport (which I would have preferred to do).

I am not drawing income, neither am I claiming benefits. Therefore this ticket feels to me and my partners that it is, in some way, stifling new business innovation and growth.

I do not condone bad parking, and I have had to pay my fair share of tickets like everyone else. However I was not blocking traffic, not parking in a restricted zone such as a disabled bay, nor was I parking to avoid paying pay-and-display charges whilst shopping. Simply, I was parked to have access to the equipment in the car, and given the value (and the incidence of car crime in London) I wished to observe it whilst working.

Therefore I ask for your clemency in this ticket and on this occasion reverting it, allowing me to continue working on building our new business and continuing the cycle which makes this country and city what it is today.
Sincerely yours,

parking ticket grovel

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They won't be fair to you. I promise. They are evil. I once got a parking ticket when I was moving into my new house and my son was two weeks' old. I had to stop to feed him because he was screaming, others were still moving things into the house and my car was full of stuff... still they wouldn't let me off.

But keep fighting it and you'll more than likely get off... Try and use the Bill of Rights Act 1689... ;)

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